How to make an environment with julia, for my RL agent?

I want to make an environment for Agents with julia, what are some packages to do that? I’m thinking of GameZero.jl and Makie.jl. Are there any others? Could I use Unreal Engine or Unity, but create Agents using Julia?
Thanks for Help!

Have you considered Agents.jl? :smiley: Introduction · Agents.jl

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Yes, I have. But, I haven’t found out how I can make custom environments.

What does “envorinment” even mean though? You can make your own spaces in Agents.jl there is a tutorial at the docs.

It means a simulation, something that an agent can interract with. Plus, it has to be possible to actually see it, with GUI.

If you spent a bit time on the doc of Agents.jl you’ll get the answers to everything you want, because so far everything you’ve said is rather straightforward with Agents.jl, especially the visualization part!

Oh okay, I’ll search a bit, thanks. Just one more thing, if you don’t mind. Can I use anything in DynamicalSystems.jl to build particle simulations, without the GPU.

Well, I’ve used it to simulate electron transport and electrons are particles. However I don’t know about your case, as this is an incredibly generic question. You’ll need to make it more specific… Particle simulations can mean a trillion of things, from simulating the large hadron collider to simulating fluid flows.

Let’s take fluid flow for example, could we do it?

When you said

Do you mean something like that: Electron transport chain - YouTube?