Is there a fast way to evaluate the exp() function in Julia?

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There exists Base.Math.exp_fast.

Compare for example @code_native Base.Math.exp_fast.([1., 2., 3., 4.]) with @code_native exp.([1., 2., 3., 4.])

Thanks for your reply. Is the Base.Math.exp_fast the same as using @fastmath which I already done in the posted code?

Well, I have just tried it and the performance is the same as using @fastmath.


I don’t know how accurate the calculation needs to be. But you could pre-compute an array of values - then it’s just a question of a lookup. That should be quite fast.

Thanks for your suggestion! Do you mean interplation? Actually the x in exp(x) is not known beforehand, and if we pre-cmpute an array we have to look up in the array and then do some interplation. I guess the looking up process maybe time-consuming.