Is there a better way to monitor a log file?

Hi all
new to julia and so still learning the basics. I have a log file that another system updates about every 1 second. It’s just a simple text file and each “row” is about 1k bytes. I just want to get the “updates” so I thought to just check every 0.5 second.

Right now I have this working BUT is there a better way?

file = open("the_log_file.log")
seekend(file)  # keep sniffing the last entry only.

while true
    data = read(file, String)
    !isempty(data) && print(data)

Thank you

Maybe not work your looking for (since it doesn’t involve Julia) but there is tail -f the_log_file.log.

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Hey @carstenbauer

thanks for the interest. You are right, I want to keep this inside Julia so I can get a better idea about the internals. I did consider calling the tail function and it makes a lot of sense but for now I’d like to use this goal to learn more about how Julia works.

thanks for the suggestion though.

You probably want the FileWatching stdlib.


hi there
Thanks for another great suggestion. I am trying to get a laundry list of things to try. There are many ways to get this done I’m looking for the most sensible.