Is the latest stable (macOS) version of Julia 1.8.2 or 1.8.3?

the github project already marked 1.8.3 as latest stable version but the website download is still on 1.8.2 … could somebody clarify this please? thanks

Looks like you caught things right in the middle of being updated. :slight_smile: The website now has 1.8.3 as well and it will be announced formally here on Discourse shortly.

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I can’t comment on why it’s not updated yet on the download page; I’d guess it’s just a manual step for someone that hasn’t been done yet. I do notice that if you change the ‘2’ to a ‘3’ in the download link for 1.8.2 then out comes a dmg file :slight_smile: :

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thanks for your help! everything fine now :raised_hands: