Is the doc of VegaLote.jl up to date?

Hello, I have asked this before but as a late edit in a thread . Therefore I thought I might as well make a dedicated thread. I have compared vegalite and glmakie and settled fot vegalite, I found Makie harder. Anyway, that’s a digression. In the vegalite documentation, brackets " are used ubiquitously, but I also found out example, by pure chance, without brackets. So I tried. And my codes work well without the brackets around words such as color, scheme, etc… Was there a recent change where bracket were ditched? Or is Julia able to understand both syntaxes indifferently? I don’t know how a programming language works under the hood so it might be a very naive question.

I have to say in general I have troubles understanding when to use brackets or not.

Thank you

Could you provide code as an example? I’m not sure which brackets you mean.

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I am very sorry, I meant quotation marks, not brackets. Stupid English mistakes. What I meant:

Example here: Simple Bar Chart | Vega-Lite

In similar cases I could replace “x”: by x= without troubles.

Is there a difference?

I’m confused if you are asking about JSON or Julia syntax.

The Julia syntax for that graph is here:

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Perfect thanks! I don’t know why I missed thr Julia syntax part of the doc. It all makes sense now