Is VegaLite.jl fully written in julia language?


I have used VegaLite.jl to plot a choropleth map in Julia. And Geopandas to plot the same in Python.

As I want to make a benchmark between both I would like to know if VegaLite.jl has been fully written in Julia or if it is just a wrapper?

Because I have noticed that when I use “Pycall” to retrieve data from X sources (ex: Splunk); Julia is very slow. And if VegaLite is just a wrapper then my becnhmark will not be fair.

Thank you

It is a wrapper around GitHub - vega/vega-lite: A concise grammar of interactive graphics, built on Vega., which is written in JavaScript.


Ohh. Then my benchmark might not be fair. :frowning:
I avoided using “PyCall” with Geopandas just for the benchmark :frowning: