Is the 1.10. development stalled?

Since two weeks no commits to Backports for 1.10.0-rc2 by KristofferC · Pull Request #52045 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub .

Shall I learn how to back-port commits?

Or are hard to reproduce GC issues blocking the progress?

I don’t think there is any particular rush here. We’re still testing out and shaking down the relesae candidates. Is there anything in particular that you are waiting for?

Patience is the name of the game here. Rushing things tends to lead to bad consequences.


What’s the backport policy — is anyone free to backport commits, or is it done only by a core group? I imagine this will help with the release. Occasionally certain commits are followed by nanosoldier runs, so does one need to join specific calls to know about the plan?

There are backport Github tags.

I think it mainly focuses on bug fixes and correctness issues, as opposed to say new features.

The main call that comes to mind where I’ve seen this discussed are the triage meetings which you can find on the community calendar.

the short answer is that anyone is free to, but 90% of them happen automatically (clever little bots) and the other 10% are the tricky ones and usually need help from the person who made the pr in the first place. if you’re looking to help with the release process, the best places to start are getting better reproducers or bisects for issues where we know something is wrong, but don’t know what or why. that said, at this point I’m not sure if we have any of those left since we’re pretty close to the end of the process though.


I’ve been using 1.10 as my daily driver since 10.10-beta1 with minimal problems. The improvement in startup times is really impressive. I can now put using PyPlot in my startup.jl file without seeing any delay at startup.


I am using 1.10.0-rc1 since it came out, and I don’t want to miss it any longer: Much faster when building a system image, also much faster when running simulations multi-threaded… And I have no problems with it at all.

But I have to deliver my software to our industrial partner probably in January, and I would prefer to give them a released Julia version because it is more trustworthy…

Would be very nice if there would be a release until then.