Is “repeat“ mousebutton action implemented in Makie?

I got a bit confused by one of the examples provided on the Makie web page on events (Events · Makie). In the code example that illustrates the implementation of dragging a point, one of the conditions checks whether the mousebutton.action is equal to Mouse.repeat. I was unable to find any more information about this particular state, and I was unable to actually get mousebutton.action to ever hold this value with the following code when running Julia v1.10.2 and GLMakie v0.9.9:

using GLMakie

f = Figure()
ax = Axis(f[1, 1])

deregister_interaction!(ax, :rectanglezoom)
deregister_interaction!(ax, :dragpan)
deregister_interaction!(ax, :scrollzoom)

on(events(f).mousebutton) do event

Am I doing something wrong or is a repeat state current not implemented? If the latter, will it be implemented in the future or is the example code provided on the Makie webpage outdated?

Looks like a typo to me, an upper example has similar code with release instead of repeat and to my knowledge only keyboard presses have a repeat state, but not the mouse. Does Mouse.repeat actually exist? If so, you could check glfw for it

Thanks for your feedback. I do not think it is a typo per se, because the code does not work properly if you write release instead of repeat. But the code examples work fine if the mousebutton.action == Mouse.repeat conditions are removed entirely, as they seem to have no effect. I have opened an issue.