Advance mouse interaction with Makie?

Hi everyone.
I have some signals that I need to process and I thought I would give it a go to make my own interpretation code.
I have managed to plot my signals with GLMakie in a nice way and I can zoom and pan with the interactive window. Now I am looking to the possibility of clicking the figure and saving the clicks, but maybe also the possibility to erase this selection by keyboard input (maybe delete to remove the last point selected).

Lastly maybe I could highlight a signal upon click, and maybe use the arrows to increase amplitud… Maybe it is too much, but I saw all of this incoporated in matplotlib and used by a pythonic master … maybe I can do this in Julia :slight_smile:

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You should be able to do these things with Makie. Do you have specific things that you tried that didn’t work? Maybe some example code?

Maybe start witht the first task. The example here works for me:

I plot over my image, not over a heatmap, but it is all the same I guess.

If I pick a point in the wrong position, I might need to delete it.
Also the point, click, record feature should be able to be turned on and off, in case I need to zoom in or pan the figure.

This section explains how to add custom interactions based on mouse or keyboard events, and how you can deactivate and reactivate them so they don’t conflict Axis · Makie