Is mine a genie.jl use case?

hi all

quick question for how people would address my use case.

  1. I have a google sheet where a human enters jobs to be done. I check the sheet once per day.
  2. I have another google sheet where I can see the availability of my collaborators
  3. If a new job has arrived, I choose a suitable collaborator and write them a templated email, which alerts them about the new job.
  4. (I would actually like to move this part to slack, so ideally this step would create a new channel on slack and invite the relevant person)

How could I have this workflow be a simple app which reads the spreadsheets, shows me the availability of workers on screen, asks me which one to pick, and sends the templated email to the worker I’ve chosen? Would genie.jl be a good choice here?


Genie is a framework for building data-driven dashboard type websites-- I don’t think it meets your needs as I’m reading you.

This is definitely a problem that could be solved with Google’s AppScript. You can write automations for all of Google drive using some simple JavaScript APIs. I find their developer docs to be extremely clear and helpful.

You could create a function that triggers on any change to your job sheet, looks up info from your collaborator sheet, and then sends an email using your Gmail account. All super easy and no messy permissions stuff to deal with.


Very helpful - thanks a lot!

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Just a side note that took me too long to figure out – To read and write to a Sheet, you need its ID, but it wasn’t clear to me where I could find the ID… but it’s actually just the random letters and numbers in the URL for the Sheet. Good luck!


Depending on how entrenched your Google sheet is, you may want to try out Airtable (or or a few other similar things). They enable rich and relational databases with nice GUIs, and very functional APIs.

I’m the author of Airtable.jl which provides Julia bindings for the API - it’s in need of an overhaul, but is functional-ish. At some point I’d like to make a similar package for Baserow.