Is master converging to v0.7?

Since v0.7.0-alpha, master has seen quite a bit of activity.

For someone who is preparing for v0.7 (migrating packages, or just checking things out), does it make sense to follow master at the moment, up until the release of v0.7, instead of using the “upcoming release” alpha binaries?

The motivation for doing this is to get bug fixes and performance improvements (eg). The disadvantage could be if master diverges from the branch that is being prepared for release—some software projects do this but it is unclear if Julia does.

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There has been fairly minimal breaking changes after 0.7-alpha and very few more will happen before 0.7-beta. So yes, it is converging. This is a good time to upgrade things with the caveat that some Pkg3 stuff is still being worked out since this is the first chance it’s had to be tested and get feedback.