Final Upgradathon Friday tomorrow (Aug 3rd, 2018)

We’re getting very close to the release. We should have 0.7-rc2 binaries by morning. Here’s your chance to upgrade and test your packages before 0.7 gets released to make sure everything works nice and smooth for your users. As usual, we’ll be hanging out on the #upgradathon channel on Slack (until we have to leave for the airport). Come by for help upgrading your package and see the upgrade guide in the original post: [ANN] Introducing Upgradathon Fridays.

I look forward to seeing everybody at JuliaCon.


I have seen that VERSION has been set to 1.0.0-DEV has on master after 0.7.0-rc2. I have been pulling from the repo and compiling frequently; for preparing my packages to v0.7 should I now stick to the release candidates, or can I remain on master?

there should be a branch for 0.7 that you can follow.

Is that release-0.7?


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I asked in slack yesterday and posted to discourse a little bit ago, but I’ve got a macro error in someone else’s package that’s blocking my upgrades. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: