Is LsqFit mantained?

Dear all,

I have seen that LsqFit has several pull requests that are not being
merged. Does anyone know if the package is still matained? If not,
what are good alternatives?

Many thanks,

I hope so! @mcabbott seems quite active there. The most recent comment on those PRs is 23 minutes ago :wink:

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He can’t actually fix anything, though… not sure who has the keys to the place.

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Damn. Good to know, I depend on that somewhere…

All commits are from @pkofod

Don’t hesitate pinging me.

I have plans for LsqFit.jl and it’s been mostly waiting for NLSolvers.jl which was recently released in a beta edition. LsqFit.jl depends on some strange Base packages and stuff like that that never materialized as planned, and with NLSolvers.jl almost ready it will have a unified optimization background with Optim and what has been NLsolve.jl so far.

LsqFit.jl is going to house only convenience functions such as statistics, plotting, and post-processing in general. So it’s not dead, I’ve just been working on other stuff and have had to prioritize work over this.