Install Lsqfit package

I have installed Julia on Windows 10 as JuliaPro ( LTS (v 1.05-2). I want to run some curve-fitting and LsqFit seems to be the appropriate package. This isn’t included in JuliaPro so I ran “import Pkg; Pkg.add(“LsqFit”)”. Now when I try to use LsqFit “using LsqFit” I get the error “ERROR: LoadError: No deps.jl file could be found. Please try running“Arpack”).
Currently, the build command might fail when Julia has been built from source
and the recommendation is to use the official binaries from”
However, I didn’t build Julia from source - I just used to precompiled binaries. Does this mean I can’t use LsqFit? This seem to be the recommended curve-fitting package. Is there an alternative?

Try using v1.4.1 instead of the LTS

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