Is "Julia by example tutorial totally abandoned?

There is a quite nice tutorial - Julia by Example. But seems it stuck in the past (at 0.6.2 version). And there are issues and PRs unmerged, while the last commit was Mar 24, 2018.

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Yes – it certainly appears to be abandoned.

Why not fork and update? Would be a great learning experience :grinning:

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There is already a PR for that, not merged yet though.

It was updated, thanks everyone involved. See the updated version.

Update: If anyone wants to help, here is the list of nice to have things in this manual:

  • multithreading
  • tasks
  • elseif, inline elseif (bool ? istrue : isfalse), inline if (bool && iftrue)
  • key word arguments, perameterization
  • include seperate file
  • complex numbers
  • eval, eval, macros, metaprogramming