Update the docs for `Plots`?

The current docs are still based on some versions below v0.7. Any rationale for not keeping up to date with julia-1.0? Thanks.

Probably no one got around to it, I am sure they welcome PRs.

I wish I’m knowledgeable to do that. But I’m still a learner - every time I re-picked up julia after a while/release of a new version, I needed to re-learn almost everything.:joy:

Then just stay :wink:

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In fact, I’m hinting those who are knowledgeable enough to do that. So that I can access the up-to-date docs.:wink:

What features have you encountered that is not inline with the Docs?

I didn’t go through the entire docs as I noted that it’s kind of out of date. For example, .juliarc file is mentioned there all over the place.

You can also acquire the knowledge and skills that would help you contribute to the docs. In fact, when you make a PR, you get reviews by experienced programmers, which is how you learn. It is initially difficult, but gets easier after a while.

If you are not willing to put in this effort, you should not be prodding people (which is what you are doing in this thread, as obviously there is no “rationale” for having outdated docs, and your “hinting” is just a more polite way of prodding).

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Can you be slightly less cynical? Easy, buddy. :wink: