Is it possible to use Julia as a co-simulator in conjunction to PSCAD/EMTDC or MATLAB

I want to use Julia programming for running optimization of the system whose dynamic modeling is made in EMTDC/PSCAD, or MATLAB, i.e., optimization problem solved in Julia and output of this optimization solution is given to the dynamic model in PSCAD or MATLAB. Again the output of this simulation is given as input to Julia for determining optimal solution (i.e., optimization).
As I found some Julia modules like PowerModels.jl for the application of power systems optimization, I want to use the same in my research work. If we can use Julia as a co-simulation, please let me know how to do it.

You can call the objective function using

and use a black box optimizer, eg

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We are building one as part of the larger ModelingToolkit project. It’s not quite ready yet so currently we’re pycalling to fmupy.

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