Is it possible to retain the explicit multiplication sign * in Julia while using Symbolics? i.e turn off implicit multiplication

I am mainly interested in symbolic Julia, but this also happens in all of Julia.

Is it possible to keep the * there in the expressions and not have the implicit multiplication? Here is an example

julia> using Symbolics
julia> @syms x
julia> expr=3*x
julia> repr(expr)

I want the expression to remain 3*x. Same for

julia> repr(2*sin(x))

The reason is, I want to post process these expressions later using another system, which this will cause problem without the explicit * in there.

Does there exist an option in Julia to turn this off? I googled and could not find anything so far.

btw, I think it is not a good design idea to do this. Explicit is always better. May then provide an option for the user if they want to have output using implicit multiplication. But this is for another topic and place to discuss.

I’ve updated the question slightly to make the intent clearer, hope you don’t mind