Is `InMemoryDatasets.create_sysimage` documented anywhere?

@sl-solution I see there’s a function in your package (not exported) and I think it is for creating sysimage? is it documented somewhere which I can look at?


it doesn’t look too complicated to just read the source code

It has no docstring, so I guess the answer to your question is “no”

This is an experimental function which I haven’t documented yet. And you are right, it is for creating sysimage. just call IMD.create_sysimage("") - or whatever filename that you like the image be called - and the function does the rest.

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I have used the function for creating “”, it printed some warning messages, though it’s working fine (BTW sysimage makes the TTFP very fast).

ld: warning: could not create compact unwind for _julia_Dict_16236: stack subq instruction is too different from dwarf stack size
... more ...

I think the warning is related to PackageCompiler, and I don’t expect it causes any issue, you may ignore it. I cc @kristoffer.carlsson he may add a comment on it.

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