Is BioJulia team maintaining the IntervalTree package regularly?


@dcjones Thanks a lot for your assurance and support.


I remember when I started with Julia a bit over 3 years ago, being impressed by your contributions.
I’m glad for your sake that you are still able to use Julia in your work, even though you are busy with other priorities than developing packages these days! (I know I’d hate not to be able use Julia in my programming :nerd_face:)


I think this discussion flags an important concern: When packages aren’t actively developed anymore, they are perceived as “dead”. But that is not always true, and it will becomes true less often as Julia syntax stabilizes. The package may simply do what it does well already!
One example of this could be Gadfly, but I’m sure there are many others (another is RecipesBase).


While this is a relevant issue, IMO here the focus was more on response times to issues and PRs. Apparently people have very heterogeneous expectations about these.

I think “friendly ping after one week” is a reasonable rule of thumb. Also, with Pkg3, I expect it will be easier to manage forks of packages that appear to be abandonned.

Also, major packages in the ecosystem seem to encourage and nurture collaborators, which is great, it makes them robust to maintainer fluctuation.


Yes, for sure. I just took the occasion to talk about something I thought was more important :smiley: