List of working packages on v. 1.0

Where can I find a list of working packages on Julia v. 1.0?


There is currently no official list of packages, tested successfully on 1.0. :disappointed_relieved:


This is surprisingly hard to establish. @Keno could post a list of packages that have passed PkgEval on 1.0 but it only tests Linux.


I’ve been thinking: would it be possible to create a 1.0 only registry? I imagine in the future there would be explicit support in Pkg, but this seems like a feasible workaround in the meantime?


There are other operating systems? :confused:


Coming from a Windows user – even if the list were only Linux it would still be very useful.

At the moment I’m trying to figure out what is happening from METADATA PRs!

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I think that would be extremely helpful for many. :pray:

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Any timeline on

It already works—it’s what @keno was using to give passing package stats during the JuliaCon hackathon.

Is it just a matter of linking it to the page?

I’m not sure what you mean. It needs to run somewhere and the results need to be recorded in a publishable form regularly.

So we are looking for someone to volunteer to set up a server that runs the package evaluator once a day and creates a result that can be uploaded to a web server, e.g. html.

Well, I’m working on badgering Keno into running it and publishing the results since he already has it working on a machine with sufficient capacity to do this. Someone else could run it as well, of course.


I don’t know how representative that page is, but not for GMT.jl that is updated to 0.7 for quite some time now but keeps showing tests failure in 0.6

Running it is easy, but does take time. If somebody wants to hook up the old HTML output that’d be fine. The primary problem with it right now is that it needs a custom version of BinaryBuilder. I’ve been waiting for some of @staticfloat’s refactor of that before I try to get the necessary changes upstream.


If possible, it would be great to set up an API for the data. I worked with the previous PackageEvaluator by scrapping the website and supplement it with the Travis CI API. It would make it easier for registries to handle submissions and other things.


To carry a couple glibc patches.

And what happens without them?

It crashes because it tries to load two incompatible libcs into the same process.

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