Invitation to the JuMP-dev workshop: June 27-29 in Bordeaux

tl;dr: The second JuMP-dev workshop will take place June 27-29 in Bordeaux, France, leading into ISMP. Interested in mathematical optimization software and JuMP? You’re invited. Talk submissions are welcome until March 15th. See more here.

I’m excited to announce the second JuMP-dev workshop will be hosted at Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux at the University of Bordeaux on June 27-29, 2018. (Thanks to François Vanderbeck and Issam Tahiri for local organization!)

This workshop is a follow-up to the first JuMP-dev workshop (called the JuMP developers workshop) held in June 2017 at MIT. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together students, researchers, and practitioners with interests in the software aspects of the JuMP “stack”. Interest areas of the workshop include:

  • JuMP core development (MathOptInterface, JuMP 1.0)
  • Mathematical optimization solvers written in Julia
  • Automatic differentiation in Julia (ReverseDiffSparse, …)
  • Julia interfaces to solvers
  • JuMP extensions (stochastic programming, robust optimization, multiobjective optimization, …)
  • Optimization libraries that use JuMP
  • Significant uses of JuMP in applications
  • JuMP for teaching
  • Developer tools for JuMP

The JuMP-dev workshop is a great opportunity to meet other people working on and around JuMP, as well as to provide feedback to the core JuMP team concerning its future direction. The workshop is scheduled to lead into ISMP, which most of the core team will be attending.

Call for participants and talks: The workshop is open for anybody to attend. In particular, we invite new contributors and those who have not met the core development team.

Participants are encouraged to give a short (~20-minute) talk. The committee is looking for talks that will start off discussions during the workshop and beyond and for talks that present developments that the community may not be aware of. Talks will optionally be recorded and posted for those who cannot attend. We encourage speakers to give direct feedback on JuMP. See last year’s talks for a flavor of the workshop.

Use this form to indicate your participation and submit talk proposals
by April 7th March 15th. There is no penalty for late sign-ups, but we may not be able to accommodate late talk proposals.

See The Second Annual JuMP-dev Workshop for more information.

What’s been going on in JuMP? Since last year’s successful workshop, a small group of dedicated developers has been quietly working on rewriting the core abstractions used by JuMP. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s still a lot more to do. (As a teaser, it’s now possible to delete constraints!) We will start asking the broader community to test it out soon. The new abstraction layer, MathOptInterface, will be covered in depth at the workshop, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool extensions soon to be built on top of it.


This playlist is awesome!

Reminder: please submit talk proposals by this weekend!

I’m happy to share that we’ll be able to offer travel support for a limited number of participants to attend JuMP-dev. We’ll also consider last-minute talk submissions if you decided not to submit because of lack of funding.

To apply, fill in this form:

The deadline is May 15th, and we’ll send out notifications by June 1st at the latest.