Introductory book recommendations

I’m looking for good textbooks about quantum computing, quantum informatics and quantum biology. Any PDF availabe online for free is acceptable. Do you have any recommendations?

Preferrably, they should be at introductory level (<500 pages :laughing:).

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Not an expert, but I found this talk useful and it has further reading recommendations at 1:16:36.


For quantum computing have a look at John Preskill’s lecture notes

There is a lot of material there, but I think the notes are well written and self - contained (I obviously haven’t read all of it, but this is my impression from looking at a few sections when I looked up some specific topics).

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In my awesome curated list project, I have listed some good resources for quantum computing and getting started with quantum programming. If you wish, you can take a look here.

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Do you found a good position?