Introduction to Physics Informed Neural Networks | A hands on, project based course

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Do you like 3Blue1Brown videos? Would you like to watch a 3Blue1Brown style video on Physics-informed Neural Networks? Check out the video below created in collaboration with Vizuara.

Vizuara is a start-up working very hard to make AI accessible for all and the founders are experts in Scientific Machine Learning. They are trying to revolutionize how AI is taught and used including pushing for the use of Julia - which is apt considering one of the founders graduated with a PhD from MIT’s Julia Lab!

A decade and a half ago, coding was the big thing! I was lucky to have the opportunity to study Computational Physics in Python during the very first year of my undergraduate degree - one of the perks of holding a MS degree in Physics from IISER - India’s premier science institute. However, not everyone has such opportunities and now that the robocalypse is coming, we need something like Computational Physics for freshman students across the globe irrespective of your major and university - enter SciML

SciML is that bridge that can help Physics and Engineering students thrive in the AI age - it is the “Computational Physics in Python” of this generation! Vizuara AI Labs are working very very hard to make SciML accessible and help students adapt and excel in the age of AI!

I was fortunate to connect with Dr. Raj Abhijit Dandekar and Dr. Sreedath Panat and start a collaboration to create content on Physics-informed Neural Networks. There is an urgent need for high-quality content on PINNs that is easy to digest and we are on a mission to realize this! Please join us and enjoy the video!