Internship in Switzerland - Julia and JuMP for railway transport

EDIT: the internship offer is no longer available

Here’s a cool intership offer at Stadler that a colleague sent me (I don’t work there myself). They use mathematical programming in JuMP to optimize the energy consumption of hybrid trains. Get in touch if you’re interested!

Stadler has approximately 13 000 employees at seven production and five component locations, as well as various service workshops. We all share the same goal: to make travel better, more efficient and more comfortable for people all over the world. We achieve our goals by working efficiently,
flexibly and independently. As part of our further developments of simulation tools used for the dimensioning of our railway vehicles, we offer the following thesis subject:

Analysis and Enhancement of a Julia Simulation Tool to optimize the
Design of hybrid Propulsion on Railway Vehicles

Start date 02.2024
Duration 6 months or upon agreement
Category Bachelor, Master Thesis or equivalent
Location To be agreed
Contact François Altherr (Team leader electrical vehicle concepts)


The energy consumption of a railway vehicle is mainly determined by its driving profile and the traction power demand for it. For these applications, an optimisation program was developed to optimise the power split between multiple energy sources.
The program was validated with project carried out at Stadler. Using this tool for the sizing of new hybrid vehicles at Stadler, it became apparent that in certain configurations of input parameters, the selected solver wasn’t always able to find a solution.


The main objective is to analyse and to enhance the simulation algorithm in a programming perspective, using know-how in optimisation modelling and in the Julia programming language:

  • Evaluation of problem formulation and of problem modelling.
  • Assessment of the selected solver and its application in this problem modelling, comparison with other available solvers.
  • Analysis of the input parameters and their properties, identification of potential pre-processing routine that cleverly simplifies the input datasets collected.
  • Improvement of algorithms and solvers, enabling the determination of an optimal solution in all use cases occurring at Stadler.

What we offer

  • Collaboration on a specific issue, which is used by one of the leading industrial companies in Switzerland
  • Working on a simulation tool in the field of electric, battery and hydrogen powered green drives
  • The opportunity to gain insight into Stadler product development through a dedicated project

Interested about it?

Then take your chance and contact us!
François Altherr -