Internship at space startup in Pasadena, CA

Hi there Julia people,

I have an open summer internship position at AstroLabs. AstroLabs is a high-tech start-up company in the field of space missions and flight systems design.

Topic: Tool development for satellite constellation performance analysis. Applicants need strong background in computer programming (ideally Julia) and optionally space engineering (orbital dynamics specifically)

Level: undergraduate and graduate

Duration: ~10 weeks

Feel free to ask me for more details.


Hi! Thanks for sharing this! I’m really interested in applying for the internship! It sounds really great! Currently I’m a 2nd year PhD student, and have already advanced through the candidacy; my PhD thesis project is related to Near-Earth Object (NEO) dynamics, and have been working on Solar System dynamics problems since my undergraduate thesis. Also, I have been coding in Julia since almost two years, and along with my PhD advisor, @lbenet, we developed TaylorIntegration.jl, which implements Taylor’s method for ODE integration in Julia. I only have a couple questions: is this internship open to foreign nationals? And also, do you have any link where I could find further information?

I already live in Pasadena, and while I don’t have formal computer programming experience outside of a few classes, I’ve been doing a large amount of computational work for my PhD in physics at USC on quantum computing, particularly data analysis and simulation. Lately my work has been mostly centering on machine learning with some applications to high energy physics, and I’ve been working at Caltech for a year now collaborating on that project with some of the researchers there. I’d love to hear more about it!

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Thanks for the interest! Feel free to send me your resume directly at