Intermittent "WebIO not detected" after refreshing jupyter notebook (IJulia and PlotlyJS.jl)

I have this weird problem where after refreshing the page in the browser where the jupyter notebook lives WebIO starts complaining about not being detected in certain situations, but is still detected in others. I don’t know whether it’s Jupyter, WebIO, IJulia, or Plotly that is the source of the problem.

It’s a minor annoyance because I can restart the IJulia kernel to make it work correctly again, but still, I’m prototyping a MCMC algorithm and sometimes I’d like to keep the current state of the chain while I work on visualizations.

So what happens is that once I refresh the page in the browser then

(1) if I try to create a plot using PlotlyJS.Plot(...) (capital P), no problem occurs. I can still plot things. But,

(2) if I try to use PlotlyJS.plot(...) or PlotlyJS.make_subplots(...) then I get a “WebIO not detected” error.

The solution is to restart the IJulia kernel for it to start working correctly again. Or of course never refresh the page. The latter “solution” has its own problem though because as I work in the notebook and the number of Input/Output increases in the thousands, then it starts slowing down more and more and here refreshing usually helps.