Interest in single molecule localization microscopy?

I’ve implemented a few algorithms for single molecule localization microscopy: a (quite) fast localizer for high density 2D SMLM and a drift correction algorithm for 2D and 3D localizations.

My question is whether there is enough interest in the Julia community for me to make these into packages; I’d also love to collaborate if anyone is working on similar stuff.


We’re not working on this, but it would be great to have. Obviously hosting them in your own account is a fine idea. If you prefer an organization, let me know if you want JuliaImages or something else. (JuliaMicroscopy? Doesn’t exist yet, but it could…)


Sure, I’ll host the packages in my account and keep them unregistered unless there’s more interest.

2D localization is here: SingleMoleculeLocalization.jl
and my (as yet undocumented) package for drift correction is here: Drifter.jl.


Although I don’t do much with microscopy, I appreciate all contributions of this kind.

These types of issues pop up in other fields too, so having code like this available to play with is great.

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