Interconnected Modules

I have three modules: A, B and C. Module C uses functions from A and B. However, when I try to load modules A, B and C and I try to use a function from C that employs functions from A or B, an error says that functions from A or B are not available.

I included import A: function1, function 2, ..." andimport B: function3, function 4, …" in module C.

Which version are you on (check with versioninfo())?

In 0.7/1.0 you’ll have to pkg> activate <path/to/ module> the modules environment and pkg> add <dependency> before it can be used in the module.

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An example that should work in the REPL with Julia 1.0:

# define modules
module modA
  export double

  function double(x)
    return 2*x


module modB

  function timesThree(x)
    return 3*x


module modC
  using Main.modA
  export combineFunctions

  function combineFunctions(x)
    x = double(x)
    x = Main.modB.timesThree(x)
    return x


# use modules
using .modC, Test

x = 10.

x = combineFunctions(x)
@test x == 60.

The REPL is a different beast, since it knows all about modules defined in itself. The problem only exists when creating a module as a package and trying to import other packages. Those need to be added in order for the environment of the other package to know about.