Interactive Plotting Won't turn off

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing well!

I’m having a problem with turning interactive plotting off in Jupyter. I’ve included the packages/import statement and the plotting cell below:

using PyPlot
using Statistics
using StatsBase
c = sort(countmap(sort(configs), alg=:radixsort))
fig = figure("3x3_histogram",figsize=(15,10))
x, y = collect(keys(c)), collect(values(c))
p1 = scatter(x, y / 10000, s=1.5, color="red")
p2 = plot(energies)
pe = errorbar(x, y / 10000, yerr=y.^0.5 / 10000, fmt="o", color="green")
ax = gca()

Can anyone see the problem? Or has anyone ran into this kind of thing before? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

What’s the desired behavior exactly, and what’s happening instead?

Is what you’re looking for possibly just one of the following?

plot([1,2,3]) # will pop out a GUI plot
plot([1,2,3]) # is plotted inline in the notebook