Integrating bash/Julia script

Hello all,

I have some csv files and I want to read and process theme using a Julia script by running a bash script on a cluster. For each csv, I want an independent job on the cluster.

Is there a smart way of doing that?

Many thanks!

Precisely the example we give in this guide:

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Amazing! Thanks a lot!

@juliohm, I would like to do the same as your example but I need to paralleled the for loop in the main.jl file as well. In your example I think it does one loop iteration on one node? In my case I would like to have 4 nodes per loop iteration. Any idea on how to do this? Many thanks!

@99dB the Distributed package creates parallel Julia processes that can run on any number of nodes. The example simply runs one iteration in any process that can live anywhere.

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Ok great! Thanks a lot!