Installing Julia in Windows Environment with No Internet

Hi all,

I need to install Julia to a Windows environment that does not have an internet connection. I can prepare the installation outside of this environment but then need to transfer the installation to the space. I wanted to install the following packages prior to moving it into the space:

  1. DataFrames
  2. BenchmarkTools
  3. PyCall
  4. Revise
  5. TerminalPager
  6. CSV
  7. XLSX
  8. OhMyREPL

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish both preparing a Julia installation, installing the packages in the default Julia environment, and then moving Julia into the Windows space?

Thank you!

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Would I want to build a custom Julia image with these packages bundled into it? Is that a possible solution/option here?

Upon further investigation, I found this Discourse link: Offline installation of Julia packages - #16 by wulpuqu

Are the methods laid out towards the of that discussion still valid?

Update! I believe I found the solution to this problem courtesy of @heetbeet! It seems really great and will report back my work with it. :slight_smile:

Here is the solution: GitHub - heetbeet/juliawin: A Julia-installer for Windows platform, including top packages, Juno and Jupyter

Update: Updating the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH is also important to do for full portability: Change location of .julia

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Have you seen @PetrKryslUCSD’s post here?

(Also look at the following comments that include an updated version).


I had to do something similar recently and made use of PackageCompiler.jl with a lot of success.

You will have to configure your package dependencies (in VSCode activate the parent directory then do Pkg.add in the repl). before running the PackageCompiler commands but the outcome is an .exe with all the dependencies as .dlls. I did have to run it a few times, modifying for every missing package (some core dependencies like xtsd_jll were missing for some reason).

This suited my needs to distribute Julia without Julia and provided fully compiled code. The only drawback was that it doesn’t yet support setting the number of threads; but this is mitigated with environment variables.


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