Install packages on machine not connected to internet

I really think issue coming from AllowTcpForwarding no and need to experiment with a server that does not have that. I think the steps described by @HanD are actually the correct ones.

Install the OS you need in a VM on the connected machine?

I am not admin so can’t do that.

It is just an idea and I have no experience with github action. Would it be possible to use github action to install Julia and install all the package I need in a ubuntu environment and it would create the /.julia folder that would be zipped and available to dowbload from github? Then I just need to download the zipped folder from github and move it to the ubuntu server. Is it feasible and would that work?

You are starting to talk the language of containers here. Is it possible to ship a container image across to the unconnected server?

As an aside, for setting up ssh tunnels and socks proxies using Windows I find MobaXterm is invaluable.

No, unfortunately, i can’t send a container image on my side.

Do you have a build machine with the same architecture as the secure machine? @dilumaluthge and I made a package for this use case, and we use it for maintaining our Julia environment on an air-gapped system.

I wrote up a description here on the Julia Discourse, so even if this isn’t the right solution for you, the linked posts underneath the question might be helpful.

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No,I don’t have a build machine with the same architecture as the secure machine.

Yeah, I’m 100% sure it is that setting. Too bad, it is usually enabled in sshd installations.

In this case, the only idea I have left is to install WSL on your Windows machine (which is just an Ubuntu), install Julia there, and then use the depot migration trick that I recommended above.