Install packages Mac OS curl


I am trying to update the packages from julia version 0.6.2 and could not install the CodecZlib, Plot, and Rmath packages. From the error message, it seems that curl is the problem

curl: (1) Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl

I am using the 10.10.5 OS on a mac with curl version 10.10.5.

I did a quick search on the topics of this forum but couldn’t anything relevant. Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, Correction: curl version 7.19.3

Apparently, there are different versions of curl in Yosemite and brew needs https protocol. When I modified the PATH to make sure that brew uses /usr/bin/curl instead of /opt/local/bin/curl, that solves the problem.

It seems to be a common problem en Mas OS (at least for older versions), don’t know if it’s worth adding warning to the FAQ.