Initialization of R fails on julia 1.1

The following discussion is initiated by the bug report of RCall.jl
saying that RCall.jl is not working on julia 1.1.

The simpliest reproducible result is the following code. Just copy this piece of code to julia REPL.

Rhome = readchomp(`R RHOME`)
ENV["R_HOME"] = Rhome
ENV["R_DOC_DIR"] = joinpath(Rhome,"doc")
ENV["R_INCLUDE_DIR"] = joinpath(Rhome,"include")
ENV["R_SHARE_DIR"] = joinpath(Rhome,"share")
const libR = Rhome * "/lib/libR.dylib"    # mac
# const libR = Rhome * "/lib/"    # linux
argv = ["REmbeddedJulia","--silent","--no-save"]

The above piece of code is working fine on julia 1.0 but not on julia 1.1, so it means that there is a change in julia which breaks this.

Interestingly enough, if one save the above code to a script file and run julia script.jl non-interactively, it will run without an error. It means the change of julia 1.1 which breaks RCall.jl is related to the REPL.

I would like to do a git bisect but I don’t want to do the buildings manually, is there any place for me to download the commit builds?

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No, but if you build with ccache, it tends to be fairly quick.