Initialization Error: ODBC

I am working with Julia 0.5.2 and I added ODBC package Pkg.add ("ODBC")
On running

Using ODBC

I get the following error:

LoadError: InitError: ccall: could not find function SQLAllocHandle in library
during initialization of module ODBC
while loading /home/shreyansj/.julia/v0.5/ODBC/src/ODBC.jl, in expression starting on line 176
in require at base/loading.jl:415
in eval at base/boot.jl:234
in include_from_node1 at base/loading.jl:488
in init at ODBC/src/ODBC.jl:171
in ODBCAllocHandle at ODBC/src/Source.jl:4
in SQLAllocHandle at ODBC/src/API.jl:63

I have referred this thread and tried the steps there. In /usr/lib none of the below libraries are present:

lib_choices = [“libodbc”, “”, “”, “”, “”]

Thanks in advance!

If you’re doing this in linux, you’ll have to install the linux ODBC package (unixodbc or iodbc), and the driver for the database you are connecting to (use google <database_name odbc driver>)