InitError: could not load library "...libcxxwrap_julia_stl.dll" on windows

I successfully build libcxxwrap_julia from source on Windows using

cmake -DJulia_EXECUTABLE="home/AppData/Local/Programs/Julia-1.6.3/bin/julia" .. -G "Visual Studio 16"
cmake --build . --config=Release

and have added an Overrides.toml file in the .julia/arctifacts folder

libcxxwrap_julia = "C:/Users/rrhie/Documents/cpp-test/libcxxwrap-julia/build"

When I open julia in the REPL, add and use CxxWrap I get the following error

julia> using CxxWrap
ERROR: InitError: could not load library 
The specified procedure could not be found.
Stacktrace: ...

It seems like CxxWrap is not using my locally compiled version of libcxxwrap_julia.

What am I doing wrong here?

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I just got it working. Apparently the Overrides.toml file was not correct, although I followed the instructions on libcxxwrap-julia

The contents of Overrides.toml that work are:

41b86dcf7a6b239850cbbc378d7eaa5a87d7e4f3 = "C:/Users/rrhie/Documents/cpp-test/libcxxwrap-julia/build"

So I used the content hash directly.

I will open an issue on libcxxwrap-julia
to adapt the installation instructions in their README.

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Hi @hiemstar , Thank you for the above it is helpful. I had the same error message that you have.
Changing the contents of Overrides.toml seemed to make it work however I got another error message after installing CxxWrap:

(@v1.7) pkg> add CxxWrap
Updating registry at `C\Users\gitboy\.julia\registries\General.toml`
Resolving package versions...
Downloaded artifact: libcxxwrap_julia
Downloaded artifact: libcxxwrap_julia
Updating `C\Users\gitboy\.julia\environments\1.7\Project.toml`
[1f15a43c] + CxxWrap v0.12.0
Updating `C\Users\gitboy\.julia\environments\1.7\Manifest.toml`
[1f15a43c] + CxxWrap v0.12.0
[1914dd2f] + MacroTools v0.5.9
[3eaa8342] +libcxxwrap_julia_jll v0.9.0+0
Info packages marked with not downloaded, use `instantiate` to download
Downloaded artifact: libcxxwrap_julia
Downloaded artifact: libcxxwrap_julia

julia> using CxxWrap
ERROR: InitError: Artifact "libccxwrap_julia" was not installed correctly. Try `using Pkg; Pkg.instantiate()` to re-install all missing resources.
[1] error(s::String)
@Base .\error.jl:33
[2] _artifact_str ...etc

julia> using Pkg; Pkg.instantiate()
Downloaded artifact: libcxxwrap_julia
Downloaded artifact: libcxxwrap_julia

julia> using CxxWrap
Error: InitError: could not load library ""
The parameter ia incorrect.
[1] libcxxwrapversion()
@ CxxWrap.CxxWrapCore C:\Users\gitboy\.julia\packages\CxxWrap\ptbgM\src\CxxWrap.jl:33
during initialization of module CxxWrapCore


Any idea how I can solve this? Thank you
Fyi similar issue here: Ccall c++ sort vector of String - #33 by barche

Are you building libcxxwrap-julia from source? On windows you cannot use the one provided by CxxWrap.

Yes I am building it from sources.
Would you be able to give the exact list of windows command you run from the very beginning (including the git clone …etc) because I had to change your first command from:

cmake -DJulia_EXECUTABLE="home/AppData/Local/Programs/Julia-1.6.3/bin/julia" .. -G "Visual Studio 16"


cmake -G "Visual Studio 16"  -DJulia_EXECUTABLE="D:/Julia-1.7.1/bin/julia" . 

In order to make it work.
I also had to change the hash in the toml file because mine is different. Thank you

Here are all the steps:

git clone
cd .\libcxxwrap-julia\
mkdir build
cd .\build\
cmake -DJulia_EXECUTABLE="C:\Users\rrhie\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia-1.6.3\bin\julia" .. -G "Visual Studio 16"
 cmake --build . --config=Release
 ctest . -C Release

The last line tests if the library is build correctly and if CxxWrap can find libcxxwrap-julia

Test project C:/Users/rrhie/Documents/julia-projects/libcxxwrap-julia/build
    Start 1: test_module
1/3 Test #1: test_module ......................   Passed    1.32 sec
    Start 2: test_type_init
2/3 Test #2: test_type_init ...................   Passed    1.31 sec
    Start 3: test_cxxwrap
3/3 Test #3: test_cxxwrap .....................   Passed   39.59 sec

100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 3
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Btw, make sure Julia doesn’t use some old cached version of CxxWrap. In that case CxxWrap may use the wrong path to libcxxwrap-julia. This can be done by removing .julia\packages\CxxWrap.

Subsequently do a clean install of CxxWrap.jl using Pkg.add(CxxWrap)

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Yes that is the issue I had, it was using a old cached veraion of CxxWrap. Thank you for the help.