Can't link to libcxxwrap_julia on MacOS

I install and build CxxWrap in the REPL. When I link to it, it fails with message

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
“jlcxx::FunctionWrapperBase::FunctionWrapperBase(jlcxx::Module*, std::pair<_jl_datatype_t*, _jl_datatype_t*>)”, referenced from:

I compiled my C++ code with GNU g++ 8.2. Does it relate to how the libcxxwrap_julia is compiled when I install it? Can I explicitly direct it to compile the library using my own g++ but not MacOS native c++?

System info: MacOS 10.15.4, Julia 1.4, CxxWrap 0.11.0

I solved this problem by building and using my own libcxxwrap-julia binary using local GNU gcc/g++ following this guide. Also note that if I change the Julia version, I have to rebuild the package, which means CxxWrap will only work in the version of Julia libcxxwrap-julia compiled with.