Information for Julia community in Ukraine

I live in Poland in Cracov and I still have one free room in my flat. If someone here is from Ukraine and need place to stay for himself/herself or they loved ones, feel free to write to me. I will try help as much as I can.


Also happy to provide personal funds for those in the Julia community who need help in Ukraine.


Along with @logankilpatrick, I can provide funds as well to those in or trying to leave from Ukraine.


I would also be happy to help Julians in Ukraine.


If you are from Ukraine and need help, send me a message.


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Given that people have started mentioning financial help, it seems worthwhile to post these resources:

And in no particular order, some direct links to organizations (please do your due diligence whether the stated mission and practical outcome from these organizations fits your worldview)

It is also worth mentioning that there are a number of other ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crises that involve less of a geo-political footprint but no less suffering, and organizations helping there also need funds.


True, there is many other conflicts in the world. But, I’m in Poland, we have long border with Ukraine and we have over 100 thousands refuges from it in just four days. Good approximation is that we will get 50 thousands per day in the next week. And, to be honest, we don’t have too much time and energy to think too deep about all nooks and crannies of this whole situations.

I already read on one of our Cracov FB groups “We have one studio in Kyiv. Can someone share a flat with my coworkers when they fly the country?”. We now in Poland try to use social media for creating network of places when refuges can stay, at least for few days.


Here is Google Sheet with list of private houses and flats in Poland that offer to welcome refuges from Ukraine If you can post it in a place, when someone from Ukraine can find it, please do it.

It is currently in Polish and Ukrainian (polish use Latin script, Ukrainian Cyrillic). We have a lot of problems with making this Google Sheet works properly, but we have bigger problems right now.


According to recent information over one million people already flee Ukraine. We here in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, etc., try to do what we can, but this whole situation is one big chaos (no surprise here), now we try to organize network for helping Ukrainians in more efficient way. Every help is valuable. If you know people from Ukraine that want to stay in Poland for sometime, you can send them this link.
Map of places to stay

If you are from academic world, you may want to check this link.
Since for Ukraine

When I say that we have a big chaos, I mean it. It is infinity better than in Ukraine, but I constantly watch my phone waiting for another call about finding place for some Ukrainians to spend a night, coworkers end the job to deliver clothes gathered for refuges and so on.


The german research association (DFG) offers funding for refugees in academia:

If this is an option to anyone here, you can get in contact with me since I have experience with the DFG.