@infiltrate not getting triggered

It seems that sometimes @infiltrate is not stopping execution. I don’t understand when and why it is happening. Anyone else experiences similar?

I experience similar. Often doing using Infiltrator at the REPL fixes it.

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yeah, I tried reloading it, but no luck. I see it as a critical problem because it is one of the few fast methods for introspection and data viewing.

I agree. Can you file an issue at the repo?

not sure how to describe it other than what I wrote here because it’s not reproducible (if I restart the REPL sometimes it goes away). But yes, I can put there some issue. E.g., I just got it to work again by restarting the REPL and it got triggered, but this is immensely time-consuming.

Filing an issue at the repo is still useful. It lets the developer track it better than on discourse.

actually, this seems to work on the current issue!