Incomplete page rendering

Benifiting from the convenint pkg Franklin, I created a personal site to collect daily notes. In the site, a mysite/notes/ is used to list the note items. The full content of mysite/notes/ is presented as follows, wherein show_md_list is defined as hfun_show_md_list function in utils.jl.

title = "notes"
hascode = true
basedir = "notes"

# Notes

{{ show_md_list }}

When starting the site by serve(clear=true), the page is rendered as following, where some items are lost and the time stamp at the bottom is also iffy. However, when I make some change in this md file and resave it, the page will be updated and rendered normally.
After publishing the site on github, this page is also showed incompletely.

Did I get someing wrong? Could you kindly give me some idea? @tlienart

hello, it would help if you could post a link to your repo but here the symptoms look like they would be fixed with adding @delay in front of the definition of hfun_show_md_list so

@delay function hfun_show_md_list(...)

this will tell Franklin to re-build the pages calling that function after all pages have been built (it’s necessary otherwise not all page variables are available to Franklin).

This business of @delay will be removed in the next version but in the meantime is necessary for such hfun. Hope this helps!