Include("<file_name.jl"> does not include everything

I have a file, coordinate_transformations.jl that define three functions:

 function coordinate_transformation_e_frame_to_b_frame(vector, q0, q1, q2, q3)
 q0 = q[1]
 q1 = q[2]
 q2 = q[3]
 q3 = q[4]

 C_eb =
 [ q0^2+q1^2-q3^2-q3^2	2*(q1*q2 + q0q3)	2(q1*q3 - q0*q2);
   2(q1*q2 - q0*q3) 	q0^2-q1^2+q2^2-q3^2	2(q2*q3 +q0*q1);
   2(q1*q3 + q0*q2)	2(q2*q3 - q0*q1)	q0^2-q1^2-q2^2+q3^2] 

 rotated_vector = C_eb*vector 

 function coordinate_transformation_b_frame_to_e_frame(vector, q0, q1, q2, q3)
 q0 = q[1]
 q1 = q[2]
 q2 = q[3]
 q3 = q[4]

 C_be =
 [ q0^2+q1^2-q3^2-q3^2	2(q1*q2 - q0*q3)	2(q1*q3 + q0*q2);
   2*(q1*q2 + q0q3) 	q0^2-q1^2+q2^2-q3^2	2(q2*q3 - q0*q1);
   2(q1*q3 - q0*q2)	2(q2*q3 +q0*q1)		q0^2-q1^2-q2^2+q3^2]

 rotated_vector = C_be*vector

 function coordinate_transformation_n_frame_to_b_frame(vector, Psi, Theta, Phi)
   C_nb = 
   [cos(theta)*cos(psi) 					cos(theta)*sin(psi) 					-sin(theta);
   sin(phi)*sin(theta)*cos(psi)-cos(phi)*sin(psi)	sin(phi)*sin(theta)*sin(psi) + cos(phi)*cos(psi)  	sin(phi)*cos(theta);
   cos(phi)*sin(theta)*cos(psi) + sin(phi)*sin(psi) 	cos(phi)*sin(theta)*sin(psi)- sin(phi)*cos(psi) 	cos(phi)*cos(theta)]
   rotated_vector = C_nb*vector 
   return rotated_vector

When I use


in REPL it only recognize the last function definition

 julia> include("coordinate_transformations.jl")
 coordinate_transformation_n_frame_to_b_frame (generic function with 1 method)

Why are not the other two functions recognized and defined in the present scope?

Please update your post using triple back quotes ` around the code-blocks. It will the use mono-space font and syntax highlighting. The style you used is for quotes.

What makes you say they are not?

When you call include, it returns the result of the evaluation of the last code block in the file, which in your case is the function definition of coordinate_transformation_n_frame_to_b_frame.

The rest of the functions defined in the file will be defined in the current scope.