Inappropriate personal commentary

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As far as I can see that was the only input by @nassarhuda on the Discourse, meaning the person is probably a diversity professional, not a CS professional. I beleive however the focus of Discourse should stay on computing: The resources (moderation etc.) are limited.

I don’t appreciate dismissing important points of view by what you imagined the expertise of the interlocutor is (and even tagging them by name when dismissing their point of view). That should not be an argument here, but if you insist.


Though I think that (imagined) expertise of the interlocutor can be a valid argument among others, and actually I had more reasons to dismiss their point of view - in this case I was wrong and I apologize for that.

Please don’t dismiss people’s point of view based on who they are or who you think they are. I’ve split this aside out and unlisted it as it’s inappropriate here.