In which journal to submit a paper about Julia, game theory and education?


I wrote a paper on how you can use the Julia language to teach game theory.
The paper is reasonable, but economics and mathematics journals do not approve the paper’s submission because it is not interesting to their target audience (among other things).
Does anyone know a journal that would possibly accept my paper?

The paper is here: (PDF) Teaching game theory using Julia language programming



Maybe a journal on mathematics education? List of mathematics education journals - Wikipedia

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I’ve tried some math journals, but here’s what they say:

“Your discussions of the matrix representation for solving games of strategy and mix strategy are mathematically interesting. Your speculation of how your work can improve the teaching of game theory is intriguing and deserves empirical verification. A study to test your hypothesis might be interesting to the mathematics education community. When and if you conduct such an investigation, a research report about it would potentially be the type of manuscript of interest to this journal. However, in my judgment, the written work you submit does not contain material that would interest the readership of this journal.”

they want empirical work

If you look for similar papers (e.g. search for “teaching statistics Python” etcetera on Google Scholar), you’ll find that they typically have at least a case study (i.e. they tried it in a university class and report how it went, as opposed to a large-scale study with controls etcetera). Searching for and reading those kinds of papers is a good way to gauge the expectations of the journals, find appropriate venues for publication, and identify relevant work for you to cite.

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You are right.

If I don’t do at least a simple empirical test of the article, even if it’s in a single class of students, this kind of journal will not accept the article.


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There is also the Journal of Economic Education, which incidentally has this article in its latest issue: