In line evaluation failing for valid (if odd) syntax in while statement

Trying to evaluate the following (meaningless, but I have tried to make it minimal) function

function checkIt()
    state = []
    return state

One gets an “complete: “function” at … test.jl” error.

The problem is the “while(true)”, it needs to be written as “while (true)”, or better I suppose “while true”.
[Space after the while]

However I believe “while(true)” is still valid syntax, it is certainly accepted by the repl.

Works fine for me both in the REPL and loading from a file (didn’t try Juno). How are you trying this?

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The problem only appears to be in Juno, editor pane. So with the file open, on the function shift-enter for inline evaluation.

Apologies if this is a double post, my previous reply hasn’t yet appeared.

I think the problem only appears in Juno, using the ‘in-line’ evaluation. So in this test instance I have a file with the above function in it. I hit ‘shift-enter’ with the cursor on the function to ‘evaluate’ it and the error is thrown.

It’s hardly earth-shattering - I just thought I should mention it.

Definitely worth mentioning. Maybe also filing as an issue on the Juno repo?

Will do, thanks.


Imho we shouldn’t allow this at all, but if someone feels strongly about this please comment at