Importing default functions

I have a fresh official installation of Julia 1.0.1 on OS X. Whenever I run Julia, no default functions are available

julia> Pkg

ERROR: UndefVarError: Pkg not defined

julia> import Pkg

julia> Pkg


julia> mean

ERROR: UndefVarError: mean not defined

I used to have previous versions installed, and removed ~/.julia folder since I suspected it could cause the problem. However, the problem persists. Does anyone know what can be the cause of this problem? Or where can I look for logs to figure out why default functions do not load automatically? Thanks in advance!

That’s just because some features have been moved to the standard library and are no longer available from Base by default. For mean, you need using Statistics. Use Julia 0.7 instead of 1.0 to get deprecation warnings indicating where functions have moved to.


I didn’t realize this could be a problem. Thanks a lot!