"Import guard" in julia



Hi all,

Apologies if I’m lacking google skills, but I’m unable to find a Julian equivalent of the following common python pattern:

if __name__ == "__main__":

This construct prevents code being executed when import-ing in python.

I’m developing a few bespoke scripts in julia, with nearly all functionality separated into bite-sized functions. For debugging purposed, I’d like to include("thescript.jl") and run functions by hand, but I have main(ARGS[1], ARGS[2])-style code in there for CLI usage.



See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14462557/within-a-julia-script-can-you-tell-whether-the-script-has-been-imported-or-exec


Thanks, and sorry for my inability to google!


It looks as though that is specific to the REPL. While this solves my current issue, like the original stack overflow poster, I’d like to know if there is a way to tell if a file has been include()-ed or imported.


Try something like if PROGRAM_FILE == @__FILE__ ?

Export and run in console

Between the two, that looks like it will work. Thanks both!