Image classification project

Hi Julia ML community,
Is anyone able to point me in the direction of code from a competent Julia programmer, or is willing to share code of their own, who conducted an image classification project from start to finish in Julia? I started out in R and found reading through, and pulling apart, large scripts of experts was easily the most informative thing I did when it came to learning the strengths and weaknesses of R.
I’ve not ventured into the ML field much at all but I have a problem which seems, at this stage, to be quite well suited to it. So, a good excuse to learn another aspect to Julia!
I’ve been reading this: Chapter 10 Image classification | Data Science in Julia for Hackers
and it has been a good resource, but it’s not the same as seeing someones not-tailored-to-a-tutorial-code.

Thanks for the reading reference, I am learning it.

By image classification, is it to differentiate something in the picture like: this is a bee, this is a dog, is that correct?

Yes, that’s right. I’m certainly no expert, but there are multiple types of image classification problem also; multiple label, multiple class, multiple input, starting the image classification through transfer learning.