I'm new to Julia and I can't get this constraint to work

I am using JuMP. here is the line:

@constraint(m, [i=1:size(sets)[2]], sum(sets[j,i]*apples_set[j] for j in 1:num_apples) + sum(sets[num_apples+j,i]*pears_set[j] for j in 1:num_pears) <= num_overlap)

Can someone atleast help break down what I wrote and help me fix it. apples_set is a binary 1 dimension array of different apples. sets is 2 dimenions and each row represents represent a specific apple or pear and each column represents a single set. I want to limit the total amount of the same apple from appearing in multiple sets (rows in sets). When I optimize the results will show the same apple in each set even though num_overlap will be 3 or a low number which means my constraint isn’t working.