I'm afraid the searching of the documentation needs a bit of work

Clearly, I would have appreciated some links that actually refer to Manifest.toml. The first one does not, at all.

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Somewhat relevant in this context: I noticed some time ago that Documenter.jl by default has an option to produce suitable markdown files for processing using MkDocs. Especially with the Material for MkDocs theme this could potentially produce a very nice looking website with good search (including page summaries showing search hits). At least, that’s my experience with many sites that are based on MkDocs, including a few we write and publish ourselves.

However, I tried the conversion for Julia at some point, but found the search results in MkDocs to be really suboptimal. I didn’t investigate if this was due to poor indexing by MkDocs itself or if there was an issue with Julia documentation source files.

But the current list of search results is indeed not as good as it can be. Having a summary (showing the search terms in context) per hit would help already, I suspect.

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By the way, I suspect your query Manifest.toml gets turned into manifest OR toml, but you probably figured that out yourself :slight_smile: